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Be Smart! Don’t Help Convict Yourself


Only talk to your lawyer – period.


While it’s true that your lawyer needs to know the law, it’s MORE IMPORTANT that he has excellent relationships with prosecutors and judges.


I’ll advise and help you NOW whether you hire me or not.

Stop Talking

Nothing good can happen when you talk to any law enforcement officer. You only have to remember one thing when they want to talk to you. Tell them, “I won’t talk with you without my attorney being present.” Repeat it if you must, but say no more.

Also, do not talk, or communicate in any way, with co-defendants, friends or family. Whatever you tell them is usually admissible in court against you. Don’t do it – be silent.

Lastly, do not consent to any searches of your property. Again, just say, “NO!”. You do not owe them an explanation. Be clear and firm – say “NO!”.

Choose the Right Lawyer

Of course, it’s not ethical for any attorney to make promises about an outcome of any criminal case due to his relationships with public officials. Yet, you will want to hire an attorney who knows and has good relationships with prosecutors and judges. I’m a former felony prosecutor, and I’ve worked with just about every judge and prosecutor in the Texas panhandle over the past 27 years. I believe that this is always an asset to any of my clients.

Talk to Me Now

I never charge folks charged with a crime, or their friends or family calling on their behalf, to give them some initial advice. I’m more than happy to so this for you. If I’m not a good fit for your particular case, I will gladly refer you to another attorney who may be a better choice for your situation. After 27 years of practicing law in the area, I know most every criminal defense attorney and their unique abilities.

It’s very important that you engage an attorney early in your case to avoid police trickery and mistakes that can cost you your freedom.