Sex offenses is a broad category and the offenses range, including:

  • Prostitution

  • Solicitation of prostitution

  • Public lewdness

  • Obscenity

  • Sexual assault

  • Indecency with a child

  • Possession of child pornography

Convictions for sex offenses often result in stiff fines and prison sentences.

A convicted person may be required to register as a sex offender for life, damaging his reputation and making it hard for him to find housing and work. It is vital for someone so charged to obtain tough and experienced legal defense. No matter the circumstances of a charge, the most important factor in the outcome of a criminal case is the competence and dedication of the criminal defense lawyer.


I am dedicated to the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty. I take seriously my responsibility to aggressively defend my client’s innocence. When I take on a case, I get to know my client and learn the circumstances of his case. I am fully experienced in all possible defenses including consent, entrapment and misidentification. When entering the case after an arrest, I contact the prosecutor and work hard to have the charges dropped or reduced. If at all possible I seek to dispose of the matter in a discrete manner. Below are some of the types of sex crimes cases that I experienced at handling:


Sexual assault is broadly defined as rape, or forced sex. However, the severity of the charge and potential punishment depends on the age and capacity of the alleged victim and whether a weapon was used.


Following any sex crimes accusation, there will likely be a police investigation. It would be foolish to speak to a police investigator without an experienced lawyer at your side.


Among the most serious type of sex crime to be charged with is a crime against children. Accusations are justified for any type of sexual activity involving a minor (under 17).


Even if the sexual activity was consensual, the State of Texas will prosecute for sexual assault of a child if the agreeing party was under the age of 17. One possible legal defense exists. Although it is no defense that the adult was unaware that the child was under the age of 17, if the person being charged was no more than 3 years older than the minor, a charge might be avoided. This defense, however, depends on the age of the child.


When a child is thought to have been sexually abused, Child Protective Services will get involved. Although they are not the police, there are still important things that you should know about them. Like law enforcement, do not talk to them without a lawyer by your side.


With the advent of the Internet, law enforcement has made this a focus of prosecution in the last decade. With the proliferation of the Internet, child pornography has become ubiquitous. I remember when this was a non-existent crime. Although it was always against the law to possess photos of children engaging in sex acts, the difficulty in obtaining such images made the crime rare. That has changed with the Internet.


Most individuals arrested for prostitution are victims of police stings. Officers pose as prostitutes, walking the streets or prowling hotel bars. They also pretend to be prostitutes on online services such as The purpose of these “stings” is to catch would be purchasers of sexual services.

Often, the police are interested in arresting as many people as possible in one operation. As a result, they can get sloppy. Although they may attempt to record the transaction, I have found that the recordings are often of poor quality and incomprehensible. In addition, because of their zeal in making their quota of arrests, the information produced in their offense reports is usually inadequate or confused. It is important that anyone arrested for prostitution hire a lawyer who is willing to do the necessary investigation to determine whether the prosecution actually has sufficient evidence to make their case. Many times, they do not.

Employers, future love interests and even divorce lawyers check the criminal record of their applicants and adversaries. There is hardly any crime more embarrassing than prostitution. It is absolutely necessary that a lawyer who represents a client charged with this crime be sensitive to this reality. I don’t take this crime lightly. In every criminal case, including prostitution, I defend clients as if their life and future is at stake!


You may have learned that there is a warrant for your arrest accusing you of aggravated sexual assault against a child, or you are about to be sued for monetary damages after an alleged sexual assault and are afraid you are about to be arrested. If there is an investigation in progress in its pre-arrest phase, I can monitor the investigation and prevent you from being arrested at work or in front of your neighbors or family. The best advice I can give anyone who is accused of sexual misconduct is to seek qualified criminal representation.

At trial, I vigorously present your defense and challenge the state’s case. I use my cross-examination skills to expose exaggerations, falsehoods and lies. I urge you to contact me for a confidential interview.